VETTA ADVANCE G7 - Usikraft - Máquinas para Marcenaria e Indústria Moveleira




–          Space for 7 groups, with 5216 mm.

–          Transportation belt with graphited nylon brackets, sliding over rectified steel guides.

–          Forward speed varying from 10 to 208 m/min 4 CV motor.

–          Press with rubberized pulleys and shielded bearings.

–          Maximum panel height of 8 to 60 mm, minimum width 90 mm, working minimum length 150 mm.

–          Press automatic lifting.

–          Equipment according to NR12 rules.


Anti-gluing Spray

–          Automatic anti-gluing spray to avoid glue excess on the panel edges.


Spokeshave Group

–          Automatic Double Spokeshave with individual oscillating tools, motor 2 CV, 12000 rpm, axis Ø 20 mm.

–          Suction nozzle Ø 100 mm.

–           Diamond-coated tool included Ø 80 mm x Ø 20 mm and 35 mm height.

–          To amend any cutting failures, ensuring panel squares and resulting in excellent gluing trims.

–          For cutting millers of until 0,5 mm in 60 mm height pieces, the maximum length is 1200 mm (check for bigger measures).

–          Linear guides movement.

Banding Group

–          Straight gluer to apply glue on the panel 1,5 kg capacity.

–          Warm up system made by 5 electric resistances numbering 2200 W, with temperature control made with an electronic thermoregulatory controller.

–          Auto feeding system for roller edges.

–          Pressure zone for straight corners, assuring a perfect joint of the tape on the panel.

–          Paper knife, wooden blade, PVC or ABS, 3 mm maximum thickness.

–          Glue box with Quick-Change System.


90° Round Corners Group

–          High frequency motor 0,75 CV and 12000 rpm.

–          Responsible for the accurate cut and trimming of tape pieces with straight or round corners, only if the round side of the panel is perpendicular to the belt line.

–          Ø 64 mm diamond-coated milling cutter.

–          Linear guides movements


Trimming Group (Auto-Position)

–          For removing the tape excess on the superior and inferior parts of the panel.

–          Motor of 0,75 cv and 12000 rpm.

–          0 to 35 vertical and sideline tilts.

–          Ø 64 mm diamond-coated milling cutter and Ø 63,5 mm suction nozzle.

–          Automatic adjustment with two positions 0,4 and 3,0 mm thickness. Access on the control panel.

–          Linear guides movements.


Tape Scraper Group

–          It is used to obtain a perfect finish in PVC or ABS corners until 3 mm thickness.

–          Accurate adjustment of the edge thickness.

–          It eliminates any possible saliences left from the trimming group.


Vertical Scoring Blade Group (Internal)

–          4 CV motor.

–          Appropriate to rip the drawer bottoms.

–          For channel opening 6 x 10 mm.

–          Floating input and output.

–          Included ripping tool of 6,5 mm.

–          Maximum distance 25 mm, from the glued part until the rip.


Polisher Group

–          0,3 CV motor.

–          Ø 150 mm cloth disk.

–          It removes any wastes on the glued panel.


Control Panel

–          7” screen, with touch screen panel and colorful screen.

–          Independent electric panel and CLP controlling entry and exit of groups.

–          Forward speed of varying belt from 10 to 20 m/min.

–          Linear amount of edge tapes used and produced pieces.

–          Temperature controller from 0°C to 225°C.

–          Obs.: The machine is unleashed when it reaches the exact temperature.

–          Automatic measure repairs in different speeds.

–          Security sensors groups (if disarmed, reasons appear on the screen).

–          Self-positioning System of the groups, when switching the tapes from 0,45 and 3,0 (two positions). It dismisses the manual adjustment.


Acoustic Protection

–          Equipped with acoustic protection cabins.

–          Internal illumination.

–          Noise suppression.

–          Increases the operator safety.



–          Dust collector.

–          10,0 CV motor.

–          6 month warranty by the dust collector supplier

–          Note: They don’t come with burn out hose, this material will have to be bought by the costumer.

It doesn’t include torque wrench nor soft wrench.

Usikraft Highlights


Centros de usinagem próprio: Mais agilidade e precisão no processo.


Engenheiros com experiência de 20 anos de mercado.


Desenvolvimento de soluções inovadoras para ramo moveleiro.