SPEEDY EVOLUTION 3500 - Usikraft - Máquinas para Marcenaria e Indústria Moveleira




–          Cutting length of 3500 mm, built with reinforced tubular profile of 3/8” blade, machined in all its extension and rectified guides accommodation.

–          Built over a welded tubular structure, it keeps the necessary stability and stiffness for the perfect performance of the group.

–          Includes air pistol, necessary for the machine cleanliness.



–          Its base is totally machined, assuring perfect fixation on the backplane panel.

–          It presses the panel on all the cutting length, activated by two pneumatic cylinders and it moves parallel to the backplane guided by a torsion bar.

–          They are equipped with a flap, to protect the operator from small pieces the might be thrown at his direction during the cutting process, and it also has a security bar to protect against fingers or hand crushing and it immediately shuts down, lifting the press..


Sawblade Machine

–          Welded and machined structure, built on folded and ribbed profiles.

–          The saws and motor holders articulates over roller bearings. Once activated by the pneumatic cylinder, it accommodates itself on a conical base, assuring total vibration absence during the cutting process.

–          It moves on rectified raw carbon steel guides conducted by special bronze pulleys, kept in permanent contact with opposite pulleys, which have their pressure adjusted by reinforced springs.

–          It has a cleanliness system for its guides and pulleys, making sure no wastes interfere in the movement of the equipment.

–          Forward speed 10 to 45 m/min and return 45 m/min.



–          Activated by a 10,0 CV motor.

–          Ø 250 mm saw, Ø 50 mm hole, built on rectified and balanced cube.

–          Saw height above the cutting desk is 70 mm, which assures a cutting thickness of 60 mm (4 blades with 15 mm) with trimming.

–          Power Lock quick change system.

Scoring Blade

–          Activated by a 1,0 CV motor.

–          Scoring blade of 110 mm, 45 mm hole, built on rectified and balanced cube.

–          Dust driving rail attached to the saw and scoring blade support.

–          Power Lock quick change system.

Run Block

–          It has a run block system activated by the software, this system automatically blocks the saw cutting course according to the piece dimension, so the saw cuts the piece in the right dimension and returns to the point set by the software. This way, it saves operation time, energy and pulley wear.


Desks (air cushions)

–          1 transversal support desk with air cushion of 600 x 2000 mm and a square of
1500 mm.

–          3 transversal support desks with air cushion of 400 x 2000 mm.

–          1 air generator with 7,5 CV motor.

Gripper Pusher

–          Gripper tray group with 3500 mm.

–          Amount of 9 grippers.

–          Forward Speed (20 to 60 m/min).

–          Return speed (40 to 90 m/min).

–          Servomotor activation.

–          Gear reducer, ideal for working with speed variation, for its high precision and durability.

–          Smaller length of piece to be cut 45 mm.

–          It moves on two welded and machined backplanes, with synchronized movements through gears and racks, and to assure the perfect square alignment, the gripper tray is guided by special concave bronze pulleys, on a rectified war carbon guide.

–          High tech bronze pulleys which increase the strength.

–          It has a cleanliness system for its guides and pulleys, making sure no wastes interfere in the movement of the equipment.

–          The width of the gripper tray group is the same as the backplane.


Double Automatic Lateral Aligner

–          Maximum 1500 mm alignment.

–          Minimum 45 mm alignment.

–          Activated by pneumatic cylinder.

–          Moves through linear guides.

–          The roller used for alignment is coated with cured rubber not to damage the pieces.

–          Independent structure, not attached to the press.


Control Panel

–          Dell OptiPlex 380 desktop microcomputer

–          Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz 3M 1066 MHz processor

–          Monitor Dell E1909W, 18,5”, OPTIPLEX BCC

–          Processor

–          Integrated video card GMA 3100

–          Hard Drive SATA 250 GB

–          Windows® 7 with installing CD

–          4GB DDR2 memory 800 MHz, 2 DIMM

–          Final user – technical support – 1 year

–          Hardware warranty – 1 year


Software and Cutting Optimizer

–          Cutter control function manager.

–          It allows the use of cutting plans.

–          In the integration with cutting plans, check this availability e request for communication plugins budget.

–          It allows the import of other cutting plans through TXT and XLS files.

–          On XML files check integration availability.

–          Graphic view of cuts during process.

–          Simplified men/machine interface.

–          Possibility of creating cutting plans directly on the machine, viewing the cuts graphically.

–          Capacity of storing plans directly connected to the computer memory capacity.

–          Optimizer with Cutting Plan “Cut Planning” integrated.

–          There is no need on acquiring another Cutting Plan to conclude the integration.


Bar Code Printer

–          Bar Code printer included.

–          Possibility of printing customer’s information, like name, project, description.

–          Description, where the edge lamination goes and possibly bar code integrated to other equipment.



–          Label lay-out customization according to the customer’s needs.

–          Easy data insertion interaction.

–          It allows to include the company logo on the label lay-out.

–          Label editor allows the creation of different label models, such as for the projects, etc.


Technical Long Distance Support

–          Usikraft has developed a software for long distance follow up via internet, assuring fast technical support and constant follow up with the customer.



–          With 2 mm blade protections and distributed ribs.

–          Round corners, protecting the machine operator.




Maximum cutting width – 3500 mm

Cutting height – 60 mm

Saw projection – 70 mm

Saw forward speed 10 to 45 m/min

Saw return speed 45 m/min

Maximum grippers forward speed – 20 to 60 m/min

Maximum grippers return speed 40 to 90 m/min

Amount of grippers – 9

Maximum amount of grippers – 09

Main saw motor power – 10 CV

Scoring saw motor power – 1 CV

Main saw diameter – 250 x 4,2 mm

Scoring saw diameter – 110 x 4,2 mm

Square desk – 2000 x 600 mm

Square desks and support desks – 2000 x 400 mm

Amount of desks – 4

Indicated power on the exhauster motor – 7,5 CV

Exhaustion volume – 36 m³/m

Exhaustion speed – 35 m/s

Installed power – 10 KW

Compressed air consumption – 0,2 m³/h




Screen 17 ”

Optimizer Software:

Manager of the command functions of the isolator;

Allows the use of cutting plane;

Graphical display of the cuts in the labor act;

Easy interactive man / machine by the program’s simplicity;

Ability to create cutting plans directly on the machine, graphically viewing the cuts to be executed;

Plans for storage capacity is related to the computer’s memory capacity.

Optimizer software already integrated Cut Cut Planning plan.


Integration with various cutting plans, such as:


The integration of the machine with some design software through the cutting plane,

It allows the customer to take the operator all the responsibility on the court,

eliminating those cuts wrong measurements.

The project is exported to the machine Supervisory, where the operator is optimized

view the whole sequence of cuts in 3D design .There has projects limit

to be exported to the machine (supervisory), thus having an optimization

several projects together, which leads to increased productivity.

Projects after cut together, will be separated by the label that is printed

each cut end.

Some software integration puglin need to perform the integration,

this cost is at your own risk.


The Usikraft developed software for monitoring the distance via the Internet, which ensures fast technical support and constant follow-up with the customer



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