SATURN - Usikraft - Máquinas para Marcenaria e Indústria Moveleira




• Minimum working width 200mm, maximum thickness 60 mm.
• Maximum opening 2500mm, motorized, sliding on guides rectified
• Chain with shielded bearings and variable forward speed electronically from 6 to 18m / min.
• Distance between pins 380 mm and prensor with rubberized belt and acoustic protection..
• Opening and closing motor with electronic programmer measures.
• Adjust the height of the engine.
• Electronic digital panel TOUCH-Scheen with 5.7 “display

Product. (Basic structure)
• Sturdy frame, welded, machined and locked with pins, ensuring the parallelism and the square of the machine.
• Displacement of the moving amount of linear guides.
• Positioning mobile amount per ball screw with lock system (brake motor), ensuring high measurement accuracy of the panel.
• leveling system bus with support shoes.

Translation Group
• Axis tree SAE 1045 rectified material.
• Cubes mobile teflon coated amount.
• Crown with Spiced teeth.
• Automatic System survey of squares pins.
• Ease of adjustment brackets

Current Group
• Current with 4 shielded bearings link
• The holes rectified maintain accuracy and tolerance
• hardened shafts rectified..
• individual rubberized shoes ease of exchange in case of maintenance.
• Seasoned guide pins and ground closing 100% square.
• Seasoned guide pins and ground closing 100% square.
• Assembled with orin’g ring isolates the passage of dust.

Transportation Mat
• Current machined, rectified and heat treated, ensuring parallelism and the current resistance.
• High dimensional accuracy of links of the chain, shown at the perimeter of current while maintaining the precision of up to 0.02 mm.

Stretcher Current.
• Stretcher with a spring system, which eliminate gaps during movement.
• It reduces the need for periodic maintenance of the machine belt.

Survey of Pinos.
• System of automatic lifting of pins programmed via the machine control panel;
• Distance between 380 mm pin
• Ensures faster adjustment of pins programming.
• Prensor with Vertical belt.

Vertical Press, With Belt
• belt system (belt) rubberized guided with two (2) channel in the V, hardness 40-50 Schore A.
• Beaded belt, ensuring better grip to panel drive at high speed.

Gripper Arms.
• System arms with springs dimensioned for pressure control.
• Beaded belt, ensuring the belt against panel grip on movement, facilitating and ensuring the quality of the tape finish

Automatic Group.
• Automatic positioning of the vertical clamp, controlled by the control panel;
• Ensures accuracy and rapid positioning of the vertical prees group.

Securities Regulations
• Machine designed to meet the safety standards required in NR12;
• Lock system of the cab doors when running machine for operator safety

Scribing Group
• With 02 3CV engines, 3600rpm, tool 180 mm, 55 mm bore;
• It makes a channel at the bottom of the panel to avoid breaking off the crusher tool.

Crusher Group
• 02 Crushers with 15cv engines, 6000 rpm, 200 mm tool and, bore 40 mm.
• With an inclination of 0 to 90, mince panel material surplus.

Fixed Router
• 02 fixed Tupia with engines 7.5 hp, 8000 rpm, tool 150 mm and 40 mm in diameter.
• Inclination of 0 to 90, the tool rotates in the opposite direction of the Automatic Router to avoid breaks in the output.

Router Auto Group
• 02 Automatic Routers wich motors 7.5 hp, 8000 rpm, drill tool 150 mm and 40 mm.
• Inclination of 0 to 90, the tool rotates in the opposite direction of the Fixed Router to avoid the drop in output.

Usikraft Highlights


Centros de usinagem próprio: Mais agilidade e precisão no processo.


Engenheiros com experiência de 20 anos de mercado.


Desenvolvimento de soluções inovadoras para ramo moveleiro.