APOLLO GOLD - Usikraft - Máquinas para Marcenaria e Indústria Moveleira




-          Space for 10 groups.

-          Transportation belt with graphited nylon brackets, sliding over rectified steel guides.

-          Forward speed varying from 12 to 35 m/min 4 CV motor.

-          Press with rubberized pulleys and shielded bearings.

-          Maximum panel height of 80 mm, minimum width 90 mm.



-          Auto program for switching on/off with pre-determined time.

-          It allows the machine to switch on even before the operator arrives in the factory; when he starts the gluing process the machine is ready and warmed up.

-          The operator does not waste any time waiting for the machine to warm up.


Anti-gluing System

-          Automatic anti-gluing spray to avoid glue excess on the panel edges.

Spokeshave Group

-          Automatic Double Spokeshave Motor 4 CV, 12000 rpm, axis Ø 30 mm (with diamond-coated tool Ø 100 mm, 35 mm height).

-          Suction nozzle Ø 100 mm.

-          To amend any cutting failures, ensuring panel squares and resulting in excellent gluing trims.


Banding Group

-          Straight gluer to apply glue on the panel 3 kg capacity.

-          Warm up system made by 5 electric resistances numbering 2200 W, with temperature control made with an electronic thermoregulatory controller.

-          Auto feeding system for rollers edges in PVC and ABS.

-          Pressure zone for straight corners, assuring a perfect joint of the tape on the panel.

-          Paper knife, wooden blade, PVC or ABS, 3 mm maximum thickness.

Quick Melt

-          Glue storage with 6,0 kg capacity, attached to a pre-fuser where some glue is pre-heated and only after that it goes to the main gluer, avoiding any wastes of glue burn and assuring the correct temperature for the tape usage.

-          Equipped with and electronical sensor for scanning the glue level on the main gluer.


Length Cut Group

-          02 high frequency motors 1CV, 12000 rpm.

-          Ø  100 mm saws, Widea saws.

-          Linear guides movements, with cast iron structure.

-          Responsible for the accurate cut of the tape leftover lengthwise.

-          (The edges of the glued panel).


90° Round Corners Group

-          High frequency motor 1 CV and 12000 rpm.

-          Responsible for the accurate cut and trimming of tape pieces with straight or round corners, only if the round side of the panel is perpendicular to the belt line.

-          Ø 64 mm diamond-coated milling cutter.

-          Linear guides movements.


Trimming Group

-          For removing the tape excess on the superior and inferior parts of the panel

-          0 to 35 vertical and sideline tilts

-          High frequency motor of 1 CV and 12000 rpm

-          Ø 64 mm diamond-coated milling cutter and Ø 76 mm suction nozzle


Tape Scraper Group

-          It is used to obtain a perfect finish in PVC or ABS corners until 3 mm thickness.

-          Accurate adjustment of the edge thickness.

-          Easily removed from group if necessary.

-          Suction nozzle of Ø 125 mm.

-          Linear guides movements.


Glue scraper Group

-          It is used to obtain a perfect trimming of the piece.

-          Eliminates any glue wastes left by the Trimming Group.


Brightness Activator Group

-          Automatic hot air jet, used to reactivate the brightness of the scraped tape.


Vertical Scoring Blade Group (Internal)

-          4CV motor

-          Appropriate to rip the drawer bottoms.

-          For channel opening from 9 to 15 mm.

-          Floating input and output.


Horizontal Scoring Blade Group (External)

-          2 CV motor.

-          Appropriate to rip the drawer bottoms.

-          With frontal copier.

-          For channel opening from 3 to 6 mm.

-          Floating input and output.


Polisher Group

-          1/3 CV motor.

-          Ø 170 mm cloth disk.

-          It removes any wastes on the glued panel.


Control Panel

-          5,7” screen, with touch screen panel and colorful screen.

-          Independent electric panel and CLP controlling entry and exit of groups.

-          Forward speed of varying belt from 12 to 28 m/min.

-          Linear amount of edge tapes used and produced pieces.

-          Temperature controller from 0°C to 225°C.

-          Obs.: The machine is unleashed when it reaches the exact temperature.

-          Automatic measure repairs in different speeds.

-          Security sensors groups (if disarmed, reasons appear on the screen).

-          Self-positioning System of the groups, when switching the tapes from 0,45 to 3,0 (two positions). It dismisses the manual adjustment.


Acoustic Protection

-          Equipped with acoustic protection cabins.

-          Internal illumination.

-          Noise suppression.

-          Increases the operator safety.

Usikraft Highlights


Centros de usinagem próprio: Mais agilidade e precisão no processo.


Engenheiros com experiência de 20 anos de mercado.


Desenvolvimento de soluções inovadoras para ramo moveleiro.