AGILE FLEX 2900 - Usikraft - Máquinas para Marcenaria e Indústria Moveleira



–          Cutting length for pattern sized plates (2750 x 1840 mm), equipment built with reinforced tubular profile, machined in all its extension, assuring an effective cutting accuracy.

–          Built over a welded tubular structure, it keeps the necessary stability and stiffness for the perfect performance of the group.

–          Includes air pistol, necessary for the machine cleanliness.


–          It covers the total cutting length. It is activated by pneumatic cylinders and it moves parallel to the backplane guided by a rack and pinion drive, as the pinions are attached to a torsion bar.

–          They are equipped with a security bar in both sides, assuring the immediate machine shut down, lifting the press and lowering the saws in emergency situations.


Protection Flap

–          Aiming for the operator’s safety, it follows the NR12 protection flap rules.

–          Its task is to protect the operator in every cut the machine performs, preventing small materials to be thrown in the operator’s direction.


Sawblade Machine

–          Built in welded structure of reinforced and machined steel, it articulates the saws and motor support over roller bearings. Once activated by the pneumatic cylinder, it accommodates itself on a conical base, assuring total vibration absence during the cutting process.

–          It moves on rectified raw carbon steel guides conducted by special bronze pulleys, kept in permanent contact with opposite pulleys which have their pressure adjusted by reinforced springs.

–          It has a cleanliness system for its guides and pulleys, making sure no wastes interfere in the movement of the equipment.

–          Forward speed 16 m/min and return 16 m/min.



–          Activated by a 5,0 CV motor, for its use in a non-stop system, assuring low energy consumption.

–          Ø 220 mm saw, Ø 50 mm hole, built on rectified and balanced cube.

–          Saw height above the cutting desk is 60 mm, which assures a cutting thickness of 50 mm with trimming.

–          Power Lock quick change system.


Scoring Blade

–          Activated by an independent motor of 1,0 CV.

–          Scoring blade of 105 mm, 45 mm hole, built on rectified and balanced cube.

–          Dust driving rail attached to the saw and scoring blade support.

–          Power Lock quick change system.


03 Air Desks and 03 Basic Desks with backboard

–          02 air desks with transversal support with 400 x 200 mm (entry).

–          02 transversal support desks with 380 x 1250 mm with mechanical backboard to indicate position.

–          01 transversal support desk with 380 x 2250 mm, with 3050 mm square and with a mechanical backboard to indicate the pieces position.

–          01 air desk with transversal support with 400 x 200 mm, with a square of 1500 mm (entry).

–          Air generator with a 5,0 CV motor included.


Suction Nozzles

–          01 nozzles of 50,8 mm in the press.

–          01 nozzles of 127 mm in the sawblade machine.

–          01 nozzles of 101,6 mm in the channel below the sawblade machine.


Run Block

–          It has a run block system activated on the command panel, which can determine the intended course. Example: The saw cuts within the intended measure and returns, saving operation time, energy and pulley wear.

This process is adapted in the machine for straight cut, when the saw arrives on the main backboard.

Usikraft Highlights


Centros de usinagem próprio: Mais agilidade e precisão no processo.


Engenheiros com experiência de 20 anos de mercado.


Desenvolvimento de soluções inovadoras para ramo moveleiro.