ASTRA PREMIUM - Usikraft - Máquinas para Marcenaria e Indústria Moveleira




–          With space for 6 groups.

–          Forward speed of 11 m/min with 0.75 CV motor.

–          The press is made of rubberized pulleys and shielded bearings.

–          The panel maximum height is 8 to 60 mm, minimum width 90 mm, minimum length 150 mm.

Anti-gluing pulley

–          Anti-gluing product usage in the components entries, in order to avoid the adherence of glue wastes.


Double Spokeshave Group

–          Automatic Double Spokeshave with individual oscillating tools Motor 2 CV, 12000 rpm, axis Ø 20 mm.

–          Suction nozzle Ø 100 mm.

–          Diamond-coated tool included with Ø 80 X Ø 20 and 35 mm height.

–          To amend any cutting failures, ensuring panel squares and resulting in excellent gluing trims.

–          For millings until 0,5 mm on pieces of 60 mm height, the maximum length is of 1200 mm (check for greater measures).

–          Linear guides movements.


Banding Group

–          Straight gluer to glue the panel. 1,5 kg capacity.

–          Warming up system made by 5 electric resistances numbering 2000 W.

–          Temperature control made with an electronic thermoregulatory controller.

–          Auto feeding system for rollers edges.

–          Pressure zone for straight corners, assuring a perfect joint of the tape on the panel.

–          Paper knife, wooden blade, PVC or ABS, 3 mm maximum thickness.

–          Glue box with Quick Change System.




Opitional: Second Glue Box with Glue Heating Holder

–          Complete glue box with straight gluing axis to apply the glue on the panel. 1,5 kg capacity.

–          Tapping tool included for the machine perfect fit, quick change system.

–          Heating Support Desk for glue box coupling.

–          700 x 500 x 500 mm height, with emergency key and quick change plus plug.


90° Quick Position Round Corners Group

–          High frequency motor 0,75 CV and 12000 rpm.

–          Piece tapes with straight or round corners, if the round side of the panel is perpendicular to the belt line.

–          Ø 64 mm diamond-coated milling cutter.

–          Linear guides movements.

Trimming Group – quick position

–          For removing the tape excess on the superior and inferior parts of the panel.

–          0,75 CV and 12000 rpm motor.

–          Ø 64 mm milling cutter and Ø 76 mm suction nozzle.

–          Quick Position Trimming System, with 4 pre-set measures.

–          Linear guides movements.


Quick Positions System

The Automatic Edge Gluer Astra Premium is equipped with the Quick Positions System, the mechanical adjustment of the groups in every tape switch. It is a big differential in the group adjustment, it is a practical, quick and accurate system. It is easy to adjust and it comes with 04 tape positions: 0,45 – 1,00 – 1,5 – 2 mm. It does not deregulate so frequently.


Tape Scraper Group – Quick Position

–          It is used to obtain a perfect finish in PVC or ABS corners until 3 mm thickness.

–          Accurate adjustment of the edge thickness.

–          Eliminates small protrusions left by the milling cutter of the trimming group.


Polisher Group

–          0,33 CV motor.

–          150 mm cloth disk.

–          It removes any wastes on the glued panel.

Acoustic Protection

–          Equipped with acoustic protection cabins.

–          Internal illumination.

–          Noise suppression.

–          Increases the operator safety


Usikraft Highlights


Centros de usinagem próprio: Mais agilidade e precisão no processo.


Engenheiros com experiência de 20 anos de mercado.


Desenvolvimento de soluções inovadoras para ramo moveleiro.