Technical Assistance





The Usikraft has an excellent team:

Qualified Technical Assistance with specialized technicians to clarify any doubts;

Some equipment with Remote Access, solving the problem through the Internet;

Training and training for operators;

Spare parts;

External technicians in all national territory and all American continent.

 North America


+55 41 3627-8600 – extension 8614

Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania

Europa, africa, asia e oceania

+55 41 3627-8600 – extension 8631

South and central America

America do sul e central

+55 41 3627-8600 – extension 8621

Supervisor Technical Assistance 


+55 41 3627-8600 – extension 8621

How works the Solution Cente




Technical Assistance Proven Quality

The customer contact by telephone technical assistance Usikraft. The technician makes a telephone screening for the diagnosis. If there is no available technical, it will contact then. If necessary, the technical schedule an appointment for a technical visit. The technical visit is made after the Customer’s request and schedule the Service.



Parts and Service Usikraft is at the heart of our business, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

To do this, we’ve set up a dedicated team who is trained to help you in the quickest, most efficient way possible.


Experience our quality guarantee

A Usikraft, we can certify that our procurement and distribution channels are built with customer satisfaction in mind, guaranteeing you the high quality and expertise of our Service Network.

Spare parts